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Ease pain, Promote Health, Free Mind

Experience the healing process of Candela de Velho Rapeh, a traditional Amazonian blend revered by the Katukina tribe for its anti-inflammatory benefits. Chosen for its effectiveness in addressing Joint inflammation, arthritis and muscle conditions like fibromyalgia, this powerful blend can provide relief and support for those dealing with physical discomfort.

(All products are legal in the UK and are classed as non-psychoactive to comply with the NPS)

To keep postal sizes small and product fresh. All rapé comes packaged in a recloseable mylar ziplock pouch.

Katukina - Canela de Velho 10g


    Hear From Our Customers!

    Over 1,000+ ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ reviews


    Since using this product my age spots have been fading!

    Susan B, verified customer."

    "Everyone comments how lovely my skin looks now, at 65! My dark patches have disappeared and my skin certainly looks more radiant.

    Bianca H, verified customer."

    The eye cream has faded my dark circles, which are always there no matter how much sleep I get, and the serum has brightened up my skin.

    Claire L, verified customer.”

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