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Top gift for cool men! The gift set consists of Deodorant (150ml), Face Cream (75ml) and Hair & Body Soap (260ml). Have fun giving! DEODORANT: Deodorant protects your skin against sweating and ensures a long-lasting fresh feeling for 24 hours. FACIAL CREAM: Face Cream is a natural anti-aging cream that prevents aging, but also moisturizes your skin day and night without making it shine. This cream also contains a Sepitonic ™ M3 mineral complex for activation of the skin metabolism.


The much-needed vitamins have also been added (E, C, F and D-panthenol). HAIR & BODY SOAP: Hair & Body Soap cleans, moisturizes and refreshes both body and hair. For those who want to know how it works: a rich sulfate-free formula with tea tree oil, D-panthenol and allantoin provides hydration. Seaweed aids in cleansing and detoxification. Mint and menthol strengthen and refresh and also smell wonderfully fresh. Suitable for sensitive skin. The product is free from any messes such as parabens, SLS and dyes.

Mister 33 Mencare Gift Set

SKU: MM 12

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    Since using this product my age spots have been fading!

    Susan B, verified customer."

    "Everyone comments how lovely my skin looks now, at 65! My dark patches have disappeared and my skin certainly looks more radiant.

    Bianca H, verified customer."

    The eye cream has faded my dark circles, which are always there no matter how much sleep I get, and the serum has brightened up my skin.

    Claire L, verified customer.”

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